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Lhasa,Nyingtri and Tsedang 9 Days Tour [TSG-TT-0901] Lhasa,Nyingtri and Tsedang 9 Days Tour
Destinations:Lhasa-Potala Place-Basumtso Lake-Bayi town-Tsedang town-Yambulakhang Palace-Samye Monastery-Lhasa
Trip Highlights:Nyingtri is home to huge well-preserved forest with many ancient and rare trees. The tourist sights in Nyingtri are mainly natural marvels. But the Nyingtri tourist attractions are not just for sights...  
Chengdu Tibet Lhasa and Shannan(Lokhor)6 days tour [TSG-TT-0602] Chengdu Tibet Lhasa and Shannan(Lokhor)6 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Lhasa-Potala Palace-Shigatse-Samye Monastery-Lhasa
Trip Highlights:This Shangrila is a plateau land with Lhasa as its capital. Lhasa placed at an elevation of 3,597 Mts. is the second highest capital in the world after La Paz, Bolivia (3,660 Mts.). One of the most ma...  
Chengdu Tibet Lhasa 4 Days Private Tour [TSG-TT-0401] Chengdu Tibet Lhasa 4 Days Private Tour
Trip Highlights:Tibet Plateau,known as the third pole on the world, is always a magnetic to visitors with its deep religious people and amazingly beautiful natural scenery. Lhasa,the capital city of Tibet Autonomous ...  
Sichuan Daocheng Yading and Yunnan Shangarila Overland 9 Days Tour [TSG-DCYD-0901] Sichuan Daocheng Yading and Yunnan Shangarila Overland 9 Days Tour
Destinations:Chengdu - Kangding - Xinduqiao - Yajiang - Litang - Yading - Deqin - Zhongdian - Lijiang
Trip Highlights:This is an in-depth tour in the culturally rich minority regions of Southwest Sichuan and Yunnan province. Taking this tour, you will not only witness the colorful minority culture and their admirable...  
Zigong Dinosaur Museum and Shunan Bamboo Forest 3 Days Tour [TSG-SNBF-0301] Zigong Dinosaur Museum and Shunan Bamboo Forest 3 Days Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Zigong Dinosaur museum-Zigong Salt Museum-Yibin-Shunan bamboo forest-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Zigong dinosaur museum will bring you back to millions of years ago to see the dinosaurs' living on this land;the salt musuem shows us how people make salt from the well water in the ancient time;whil...  
Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Minoirty 10 days Tour [SC-MT-01] Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Minoirty 10 days Tour
Trip Highlights:There are more than 20 nationalities living in Sichuan province among which Tibet and Qiang are 2 largest groups.Tibetan people are mainly living in northwest Sichuan Aba and Ganzi area bordering Qing...  
Sichuan Gourmet 5 days tour [SC-FT-01] Sichuan Gourmet 5 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Giant panda center-Wuhou shrine-Cooking college-Wangjian park(Bamboo park)-Weshu monastery
Trip Highlights:Many travelers know Sichuan cuisine for its "hot and spicy" flavors or a few of its most famous dishes, but that is only the beginning.Sichuan cuisine is legendary in China for its sophistication and ...  
Chengdu Qingcheng(Green City mountain) Golf Club [TSG-CD-02GOLF] Chengdu Qingcheng(Green City mountain) Golf Club
Destinations:Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Golf Club-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Located beside the picturesque Qingcheng Mountain and near the tourist scenic spot Dujiangyan, Dujiangyan Qingcheng Golf Club is composed of a golf course, a golf clubhouse, a 5-star Golf Holiday Inn,...  
Chengdu Mumashan Golf Tour [TSG-CD-01GOLF] Chengdu Mumashan Golf Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Mumashan International Golf club-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Sichuan Chengdu International Golf Club, 20 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu (about 25 minutes' drive) and 9 minutes' drive to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, is one of the top-ranking G...  
E'mei Trekking 5 days [SC-TT-03] E'mei Trekking 5 days
Destinations:Chengdu-Leshan Buddha-Mt.emei-Qingyin pavilion-Elephant bathing pool-Golden Summit-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Attractions: Leshan Great Buddha, Golden Summit of Mt.Emei, Sichuan Opera face changing ...  
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