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Jiuzhaigou Huanglong 4 days bus tour [TSG-JZG-0401] Jiuzhaigou Huanglong 4 days bus tour
Trip Highlights:Jiuzhaigou is known far and wide as 'A Fairyland'. This National Park's main scenery is its three valleys, where you will find 114 lakes, 17 waterfalls, 11 rip currents, and 5 travertine beaches. The ...  
Chengdu panda base half day tour [TSG-CD-0107] Chengdu panda base half day tour
Destinations:Researching center of Giant Panda Breeding
Trip Highlights:The Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center, also known as Panda Base, is one of the most successful of these institutes. In the 1970s, zoologists began working with six pandas, which has now...  
Sichuan highlights 10 days tour [TSG-CD-1002] Sichuan highlights 10 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-panda base-Sanxingdui museum-Leshan grand buddha-Emeishan-Mt.siguniang-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Sichuan highlights tour includes Chengdu 2 day sightseeing, 3 Day Grand Buddha and Mt.Emei Golden Summit and 3 more day to 'Oriental Apls' Siguniang Mountain and Wolong Panda Nature Reserve....  
Sichuan Wanglang Nature Reserve and Chengdu Panda Base 5 days Tour [SCP-0501] Sichuan Wanglang Nature Reserve and Chengdu Panda Base 5 days Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Mianyang-Pingwu-Baima village-Wanglang Nature Reserve
Trip Highlights:Walang Reserve, Pingwu town and Baima minority, Giant Panda Information Center, Chengdu Panda Base....  
The Ganzi Khampa Overland 12-day Private Tour [TSG-GZ-1202] The Ganzi Khampa Overland 12-day Private Tour
Trip Highlights:The Ganzi Tibetan Kham is situated in the west part of Sichuan province, bordering Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The unusual geography and weather conditions along the transitional zone between Sichuan Basin...  
Hongya Liujiang Ancient town  and Wawu mountain 2 days tour [TSG-EL-0207] Hongya Liujiang Ancient town and Wawu mountain 2 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Liujiang old town-Mt.Wawu-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Liujiang ancient town is located in Hongya County of Sichuan Province. The town was dominated by a few wealthy families in the old time. Their well-preserved traditional Chinese garden style residenc...  
West Sichuan 8 days Cycling [SC-CT-05] West Sichuan 8 days Cycling
Destinations:Chengdu-kangding-Xinduqiao-Tagong-Bamei-Danba-Luding-Hailuogou glacier park-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Cycling in West Sichuan area is a challenge to those cyclists,riding on the plateau averagely 3,500m high is a tough job. However, "no pains no gains", this bike riding trip will be your life long mem...  
'Oriental Alps' Mt.Siguniang 3 Days Tour [TSG-SGN-0301] 'Oriental Alps' Mt.Siguniang 3 Days Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Mt.Siguniang-Shuangqiaogou valley-Changping valley
Trip Highlights:The Mt. Siguniangshan ( Four-girl mountain) Scenic Area is an unspoiled wilderness park well-known throughout China, located in western Sichuan Province, near the town of Rilong in Aba. It includes on...  
Hailuogou Glacier Park 3 Day Tour [TSG-GZ-0305] Hailuogou Glacier Park 3 Day Tour
Trip Highlights:Hailuogou Glacier is located on the east slope of Gonga Mountain and is the lowest modern glacier in the world only with 1600 history. with an ideal climate, Hailuogou Glacier Park is available to tou...  
Langzhong Ancient City 3 Days Tour [TSG-JMG-0301] Langzhong Ancient City 3 Days Tour
Trip Highlights:Langzhong is situated in the northern Sichuan Basin on the middle reaches of the Jialing River, a branch of the Yangtze. Emperor Qin Hui established Langzhong County in 314 B.C., and it is the only co...  
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