Panda & Giant Buddha Day Tour(Departure on Tue. Thu. and Sat, Local Join-in Group Tour) [TSG-CD-0103J] Panda & Giant Buddha Day Tour(Departure on Tue. Thu. and Sat, Local Join-in Group Tour)
Destinations:Chengdu-Panda Base-Leshan Giant Buddha-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Pure sightseeing tour,no tourist traps.The best use of time,visiting pandas and the Grand Buddha in 1 day.Officially registered English guides and tour vehicles.Free drop-off for visitors to Emeishan ...  
Panda Keeper Experience at Dujiangyan Panda Base [SCP-0101] Panda Keeper Experience at Dujiangyan Panda Base
Destinations:Dujiangyan Panda Base
Trip Highlights:Chinese giant panda is rare species well-known all over the world.Their existence and future do not only attract national concern but also international people's desire to do something for this endang...  
One Day Tour to Sichuan Cuisine-Themed Museum [TSG-CD-0108] One Day Tour to Sichuan Cuisine-Themed Museum
Destinations:Sichuan Cuisine-themed Museum
Trip Highlights:Sichuan cuisine enjoys a time-honored history ans is well-reputed home and abroad.Sichuan cuisine is particular about ingredients,unified in standard,distinctive in arrangement,and vivid in coordinati...  
Jiuzhaigou Snow Tour and Xiling Snow mountain Skiing [TSG-CD-0601] Jiuzhaigou Snow Tour and Xiling Snow mountain Skiing
Destinations:chengdu-Jiuzhaigou-Xiling snow mountain-Huashuiwan hot spring-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Vist the snow and ice fairy land Jiuzhaigou in winter, it gives you a differenct view. Xiling snow mountain is very close to Chengdu as a good skiing resort. This tour will definitely impress you by a...  
Chengdu hightlights 2 days tour [SCT-0204] Chengdu hightlights 2 days tour
Destinations:Panda base-Wangjiang Tower-Wuhou temple-Qingyang palace-Dufu Thatched Cottage-Songxianqiao-Wenshu monastery-Sichuan Opera
Trip Highlights:This tour will let you get close to the lovely Giant Pandas, learn more about Chengdu history and clture, and taste the delicious Chengdu Local food, especially the famous Sichuan hot-pot. ...  
Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show [TSG-CD-0105] Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show
Destinations:Sichuan opera
Trip Highlights:Sichuan Opera has a history spanning 300 years and your evening's entertainment celebrates the music, voice, dance and humor of the region. The show begins with the classic 'Nightmare of Shi Huaiy...  
Tiantai Mountain & Pingle Ancient Town 2-day trip [TSG-CD-0110] Tiantai Mountain & Pingle Ancient Town 2-day trip
Destinations:Chengdu-Qionglai-Tiantai Mountain-Pingle Town-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Pingle Old Town,China's famous historical and cultural towns,is the largest towns in Qionglai city.As the first key town on the Tea-horse Ancient Road to the west of Chengdu,Pingle is one of the origi...  
Wenchuan Earthquake Relic One Day Tour [TSG-CD-0109] Wenchuan Earthquake Relic One Day Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Dujiangyan City-Yingxiu-Wenchuan-Shuimo Town-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:It is known to us,the day on May 12th,2008 brought great misfortune to Sichuan people and to the whole China.Everyone in the world was astonished by the gigantic earthquake happened in Wenchuan,Sichua...  
Chengdu panda base half day tour [TSG-CD-0107] Chengdu panda base half day tour
Destinations:Researching center of Giant Panda Breeding
Trip Highlights:The Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center, also known as Panda Base, is one of the most successful of these institutes. In the 1970s, zoologists began working with six pandas, which has now...  
Sichuan highlights 10 days tour [TSG-CD-1002] Sichuan highlights 10 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-panda base-Sanxingdui museum-Leshan grand buddha-Emeishan-Mt.siguniang-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Sichuan highlights tour includes Chengdu 2 day sightseeing, 3 Day Grand Buddha and Mt.Emei Golden Summit and 3 more day to 'Oriental Apls' Siguniang Mountain and Wolong Panda Nature Reserve....  
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