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Sichuan Culture Show Worldwide in China Spring Festival 2014

News from www.sc.gov.cn:
During the Spring Festival of 2014, Sichuan culture has gone abroad. Interesting and exciting Sichuan cultural activities, such as Chengdu Grand Temple Fair, Changing Face in Sichuan Opera, have been performed in the UK, America, Qatar and other places. By February 9, 2014, Sichuan has approved 13 performances and exhibitions at abroad, 3 of which have been enlisted in 5th Overseas Happy Chinese New Year Activities organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Operas, acrobatics, folk dances, folk arts, intangible cultural heritages, all with strong colors of Sichuan culture and folk features, have been performed at abroad. Going out culture brands has been a theme in exchanging cultures of Sichuan in the Spring Festival.

From January 19 to February 25, Chengdu Center of International Cultural Exchange has held Chengdu Grand Temple Fair in the UK. The cultural performance team, made of by Chengdu Culture and Arts School, attended 'Chinese New Year Activities' in Manchester, Sheffield and other middle cities in the UK and there were 18 performances in local to celebrate Chinese New Year. From February 4 to February 12, Sichuan Art Vocational College Troupe would have been to Manitoba and other places in Canada to perform Sichuan Opera, dances, acrobatics and so on. From February 6 to February 15, in response for the invitation of Phoenix 2014 Chinese Culture Week, Chengdu youth culture delegation, consisting of Chengdu Academy of Sichuan Opera, will show foreigners with traditional arts, such as changing face, puppet drama, Qiang operas and songs, all with rich local features.

During the Spring Festival, at the same time of going out culture exchanges, Sichuan also invites splendid foreign cultures. Korea traditional lights display at Seoul Style Garden and folk performances attracted people's attention in Jinsha Sun Festival.

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