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Sichuan Initiates Disease Investigation and Monitoring for Wild Giant Pandas

Sichuan will complete the sample collection work for 10 natural reserves by the end of October and pathogen detection work for wild giant pandas concerning bacteria, viruses, parasites and so on will be started synchornously. This will be the first time for Sichuan as well as for China to initiate the investigation and monitoring for wild giant pandas in epidemic background.

In early July, Sichuan has conducted the working coordinating meeting for wild giant pandas for epidemic disease investigation and monitoring. Then Sichuan Forestry Disease Station has organized relevant experts from Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University and so on to offer advice and completed implementation papers, project contracts, task allocation table for epidemic disease monitoring and investigation and other documents signifying Sichuan's official starting of epidemic disease investigation and monitoring for wild giant pandas.

According to the project schedule, Sichuan will start dynamic monitoring and investigation work for wild giant panda population in key areas from August to October. While the invested natural reserves cover Wolong, Wanglang, Liziping, Daxiangling, Xiaozhaizigo, Caopo, Fengtongzhai, Labahe, Heizhugou and Qianfogou, all of which are the main habitats for wild giant pandas in Sichuan. The major methods for monitoring and investigation include collecting the wastes, hairs and other activities. Then modern biological technologies will be utilized to analyze.

Relevant responsible officials from Wild Animal Protection Office, Forestry Department of Sichuan Province, introduced that the investigations on giant pandas all indicated that there was a certain ratio of giant pandas in giant panda populations carried pathogen and these disease details were hidden to researchers because of the activity habits of giant pandas. While this investigation will confirm the details of wild giant pandas in different areas. On this foundation, relevant investigation results will be used for disease control and prevention for wild giant pandas. 

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