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Australian Visa Services in Chengdu Was Launched

On November 12th, Australian Visa Services in Chengdu was launched in Chengdu officially.

On November 2nd, Israel has just launched visa services in Chengdu. Then Australia followed and launched visa services in Chengdu. There are more and more visa service centers in Chengdu and it is increasingly convenient for Sichuan citizens to get a visa.

It has been reported that on November 4th, 2015, Australia announced to establish Australian Visa Services in Chengdu. Now Australian Visa Services has been opened to the public. Applicants from Sichuan and Chongqing could submit applications directly in Chengdu. This is another Australian visa services center established in China next to Beijing and Shanghai in September 2012 and Guangzhou in August 2013.

Moreover, the news that 'Chinese moms have bought out Australian milk power' has been popular on the Internet. Reporters have learned that recently Australia has not released any regulations of purchase limits of milk power to Chinese consumers. Chinese mothers could rest assured to purchase milk power in Australia.

Visas: Paying 183 yuan service fee

Australia and New Zealand are good friends. There visa services centers have been established in the same place, namely Room 3003, 30 Floor, Tower A, Chengdu Maoye Plaza, No. 19 Dong Yu Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. Their visa Services include visitor visa, working holiday visa, immigrant visa for skilled technical workers and so on. Student visa could be applied online.

Meanwhile, Australian visa label is not available any more. Therefore, applicants could only supply the scan or the copy of passports without the original passports. Apart from the application fees regulated by Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia, applicants should also pay 182 yuan for application fees.

Mr. Michael Willard, Counsellor (Immigration) of Australian Embassy to China, indicates that 86% visa applicants can get visa reply within 5 days. The visa application peak ranges from December to the following January. Because Chinese winter is Australian summer, he predicates that from now to the New Year, the Visa Services will receive 250,000 visa applications.

Ten-Year Visas will be expected to implement in 2016

Why does Australia establish visa service center in Chengdu? Mr. Willard says that the reason why to establish visa service center in Chengdu is because the rapid increase of visa applications in Sichuan and Chongqing. Southwest China Region ranks No. 1 in student visa applications to Australia. Last year, the growth rate of student visa from Sichuan to Australia amounted to 36%.

Mr. Willard also reveals the data of working holiday visas to Australia. The first batch available of 1,500 visas are reserved out within 25 minutes. The second batch of 1,800 visas are also reserved out within an hour this week. Currently, Australia has issued over 1,000 working holiday visas in China. Most of these visa applicants are young people in their 20s who will graduate from college.

Besides, Australia will try to issue 10-year visitor visas and provide rapid evaluation service for VIP and Chinese language for online visa applicants.

Tourism promotion: Multiple Australian cities are negotiating direct flights with Chengdu

Currently, Chengdu has opened the direct flight between Chengdu and Melbourne. Ms. Nancy Gordon, Consul General of Australia to Chengdu, thinks that with the opening of Australian Visa Services in Chengdu, tourists from Sichuan to Australia will increase. 'Now, there are other Australian cities, such as Brisbane, negotiating with Chengdu about opening more direct flight routes. But now there is no exact news.

She encourages more Sichuan tourists to travel in Western and Northern Australia which are less popular currently. There is only half an hour of time difference between Australia and China. There is no time difference between Western and Northern Australia and China.

Apart from tourism, Ms. Gordon thinks that the trade cooperation between Sichuan and Australia is increasingly diversified. 'Enterprises from Sichuan and Australia mainly cooperated in material resources before. Now cooperation has extended to fields such as tourism, infrastructure, farm investment and so on.'

It has been learned that the import and export volume between Sichuan and Australia has reached 1.087 billion US dollars in 2014. Sichuan has attracted foreign capital of 132 million US dollars from Australia and invested 1.37 billion US dollars in Australia. Australia has been an important trade partner, investment source place and the largest foreign investment destination country of Sichuan.

Shopping: Rushing to purchasing milk power is a good signal

Australia has not released any regulation of purchase limits of milk power to Chinese consumers.

Recently, it is said that Australian milk power is hard to purchase. Chinese mothers have bought out Australian milk power. Even local Australians have become the main force of overseas purchasing for Chinese mothers. Many consumers worry whether Australia will release any regulations of purchase limits of milk power to Chinese consumers.

Ms. Gordon does not think this is bad news. 'I have read relevant reports and knew that Chinese mothers are fond of buying Australian milk power. This is a good signal, indicating that Australian milk power is welcomed by Chinese consumers.' Ms. Gordon smiles and mentions that Australia has not released any regulations of purchase limits of milk power to Chinese consumers.

Compared with purchase limits, Australia would rather increase the output of milk power and improve the quality of milk power. Australia is willing to enhance milk production by attracting foreign capital.

What's more, friends fond of photography will be happy.

Consulate General of Australia to Chengdu will organize a photography contest between the friendship cities of Australia and Southwest China. Chinese winners can take photos and travel to Australia.

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