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Travel to Sichuan in Winter

Usually, less tourists come to visit Sichuan since late autumn because of first, the low temperature at the scenic spots and second, the dangerous traffic condition. But, in fact these are just old stories. A lot of places are not as cold as people expect, for example, Jiuzhaigou, Mt.Emei and Hailuogou Galcier park, the temperature are just about 5 degree to 10 degree celcious below Zero, for most people it is not intorlerable cold. On the contrary, the winter scenery of many places in Sichuan appear totally differently winter views, frozen waterfall in Jiuzhaigou, magnificent glacier in Hailuogou, snow Golden Summit on Mt.Emei will impress you deeply.

Xiling snow mountain is well-known nowadays as it has a very nice skiing resort in South China, visitors especially those from Southeast Asia don't have to fly to the frozenly cold far northern area in China where the temperature is much lower than Chengdu. For people from the tropical area who want to enjoy a snow trip, Xiling snow mountain will be a good choice.

On the second hand, nowadays, all of the road accessing the scenic spots in Sichuan are well rebulit, driving on these roads are quite safe with the seasoned drivers and carefully checked vehicle even though sometimes we have to drive on the ice-covered mountain road. Sichuan is simply a world of ice and snow in winter, there are many sites you can enjoy the snowing scenery in winter, such as Mt.Xiling, Hailuogou, Jiuzhaigou, Mt.Emei, Wawushan, Longchi etc. Some interesting activities such as skiing & skating as well as snowland motor, dog-pulled sleigh, you can enjoy them in Mt.Emeishan and Mt.Xiling etc.

And, the good news is that since there are less tourists coming to Sichuan in this period of time so the tour price is comparatively much lower than the peak travel season. Tourists will experience high quality tours with low tour price, it is really a good idea for tourists to visit Sichuan if you happen to be free during this duration. All the staff of Travel Sichuan Guide are ready to offer you any help we can to arrange you a nice winter tour in Sichuan.

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