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Hongyuan Airport Passed Test Flight

News from WWW.SC.GOV.CN:

On the early morning of June 5, Zerang Duoerji, a native citizen from Waqie Township, Hongyuan County, put on his favorite Zang costume and headed for Hongyuan Airport at Longri Township from Hongyuan Hotel he owned.

On the same day, Hongyuan Airport in the west of Aba had passed the test flight and would officially opened by the end of August, which made Zerang Duoerji quite excited, 'I have run my hotel for two years, but the business is far from satisfactory. After the airport opens, I believe that there will be more guests.'

Reporters have learned that after operation, Hongyuan Airport would cooperate with Jiuhuang Airport and visitors could tour Hongyuan Prairie, Dagu Glacier, Jiuzhai Valley and Huanglong.

Jiaying Luosa, magistrate of Hongyuan County, told the reporters that currently there were 6 campgrounds for self-driving vehicles under or finished construction, located at Yueliangwan, Anqu Township, Tianganqiao, Dageze, Maiguogang, and so on. 'We have attracted investment from 2 self-driving vehicle rental companies. When Hongyuan Airport opens in August, 200 vehicles for self-driving would be used for rental.' Besides, these vehicles could be Rent-It-Here and Left-It-There. After visitors arrive at Hongyuan County, they could rent a car. After sightseeing, they could return it at Jiuhuang Airport and leave by flight. They could also choose to land at Jiuhuang Airport. Just the same.

Aba Dajiu Travel Group would also increase their bus number to ensure transportation.

Due to transportation difficulty, numerous tourism resources, such as the first Bay of Ruoergai Huanghe River, Dagu Glacier, and Hongyuan Prairie, are not well-known by visitors. Last year, compared with 3 million arrivals to Jiuzhai Valley, there were only 1.32 million and 943 thousand visitors in Ruoergai and Hongyuan respectively.

Liu Ping, president of Hongyuan Airport, said that Hongyuan Airport could cover 9 counties of Ruoergai, Heishui, Aba, Maerkang, Lixian and so on and form a Travel Economic Zone of Hongyuan Airport to lead the comprehensive development in tourism, logistics and ecological agriculture. Hongyuan County is making great efforts in building 2 self-driving routes, Happy Flower Sea-Longri-Se'ake River-Maiwa Temple-County Town and Chazhenliangzi-Dageze-Jiangrong-Airport, designing several travel routes for half day, one day, two days, three days, and numerous days, and developing tourism items of sightseeing Hongyuan by helicopter and balloon. It is aimed that by 2016, the arrivals of Travel Economic Zone of Hongyuan Airport could be 11 million and the tourism revenue would reach 10.7 billion Yuan, making Hongyuan into another Big Jiuzhai.

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