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Sichuan Spidermancollects E'mei Mountain trash at 3000 meters

News from gochengdoo.com:

As the National holiday comes to an end and hordes of tourists head back home from their travels, Peng Wen gets to work on E'mei Mountain.

Peng is a trash collector, and for 14 years he has been keeping the steep slopes of E'mei Mountain free of trash.

The job involves dangling against mountainsides, including the 200-meter Golden Cliff, work that has earned Peng an official nomination for a 'Good guy of Sichuan' award, according to the Chengdu Economic Daily.

Peng makes 80 climbs a year to clean up about three tons of garbage. But he says, he noticed a remarkable decline in the amount of tourist trash this year and hopes he doesn't have to make as frequent climbs in coming years..


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